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Tips When Cleaning Your House during Spring Season

Kitchen: Start from your stove

Did you know that the stove area is the dirtiest section in your kitchen? Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Cleaning it first and foremost will remove the possibility of spreading germs in your kitchen.



One of the most popular ways to disinfect is to drop in a cut-up lemon, some salt and a few ice cubes. The lemon is a good approach to deodorize.


Use Microfiber clothes instead of paper towels

Aside from being reusable, microfiber clothes can sanitize, clean floors, glass and tile neatly without the need of any other cleaning products.


Use a teaspoon of Tang Drink Mix for your toilet

It is non-toxic and the citric acid acts like a scrubber. Just let it sit for a couple of minutes then flush.


Pick the the right broom for your cleaning solution

Sometimes, choosing the right broom can do the job! For indoor, pick those that have fine bristles and for outdoors, pick the strong ones.


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