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5 Must Try Cleaning Tips & Tricks

It would be very nice to go to nature reserves, visit Swan Valley, have a great aquaculture trail or drive in the green field while the sun is shining during summer in Australia but as a mom, CLEANING will go first before enjoying such fun and thrilling activities. So, let me get straight to the point. I have compiled here some simple tips and hacks that you might be missing to make cleaning easy, minimize time and therefore having more time for adventures.

Everybody will agree that sponges are gross as they collect all the germs we have in our kitchen. Make cleaning easy by keeping it clean to minimize or stop the spread of germs. Microwave your sponge for 2 minutes and voila! This will remove 99% of germs on your sponge.

Cleaning small toys could be time consuming and energy draining. Here’s the catch: put the toys in a laundry bag and you can already wash it in your washing machine!

Do you have lots of extra pillow cases? Reuse them by cleaning your fan blades! Slide it onto the blades of your ceiling fan to get rid of the dust.

Make your grout look lines look like brand new with baking soda and bleach! Yes, you’ve read it correctly. The two items will make the work effortless.

Did you know that lemons are a magic cleaner? Use it to remove hard water stains! Rub it to your faucets then wash with water – that will do the trick!

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