Top Areas You Should Focus On During Bond Cleaning

One important responsibility when moving out of a rental property is cleaning the place and ensuring that the property looks exactly like it was when you moved in. Failing to do so, you may face the risk of losing out on the return of your bond. With that being said, here are the areas you should pay more attention during cleaning.


Windows. The interior and exterior of all windows should be wiped off. A damp cloth can actually do the job. Nowadays, many window cleaning products are available in the market to help you achieve the cleanliness that you want.

Walls and Doors. Walls can be cleaned using sugar soap and sponge mop, but before that, you should wipe all the dust.

Sinks. Another important area to clean is the sink. Remove any grime, food and dust. Also, using disinfectants such as lemon and baking soda are huge help to get rid of foul odors.

Outdoors. Remove all junk lying on the ground or in the garden. Mowing would also be necessary if the house is surrounded with grass and greens.

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